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US tops list of Bangladeshi goods importers

Posted on 16 August 2008

The United States (US) topped the list of countries importing Bangladeshi commodities with its import volume hitting US$ 3,216 million in the fiscal 2007-2008, reports BSS.

According to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) statistics, Bangladesh’s export earnings from July to May of the fiscal year were US $ 12,638.86 million, while the US imports stood at US$ 3,216 million or 25.58 per cent.

Of the importing countries, the US was followed by Germany with 15.65 per cent, the UK with 9.84 per cent, France 6.77 per cent and Italy 4.02 per cent.

Besides, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iran, Japan, Singapore, India, China and Pakistan imported substantial quantities of goods from Bangladesh.

Out of the total exports to the US during the last fiscal, readymade garments fetched the highest US$ 2,169.77 million. The other important export items were knitwear (US$ 716 million), shrimp (US$ 128.65 million), cap (US$ 50.12 million) and home textiles (US$ 8.47 million).

The major items imported by Germany from Bangladesh included knitwear (US$ 1131.29 million), woven garments (US$ 744.68 million) and shrimp (US$ 20.67 million).

The UK’s imports from Bangladesh were dominated by woven garments with US$ 412.38 million. Other major items were knitwear [US$ 557.17 million), home textiles (US$ 88.19 million), shrimp (US$ 38.46 million) and bicycles (US$ 28.24 million).

The goods imported by France included knitwear, woven garments and home textiles. Of other items, Italy imported knitwear, woven garments and hides and skin.

The major Bangladeshi commodities imported by Belgium and the Netherlands included knitwear, woven garments, shrimp and jute yarn.

Iran’s imports from Bangladesh included jute yarn and hessian while Japan and Singapore imported hides and skin, and shrimp.

The major items imported by India, China and Pakistan were chemical fertilizers, raw jute, shrimp, hides and skin, and tea.

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