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Improving productivity of RMG sector

Posted on 05 December 2008

UNLESS addressed properly and effectively without further loss of time, the crucial issues of low productivity, inconsistent quality and social responsibility could erode the real gains of Bangladesh apparel industry.

One of the participants, in a presentation on “Competitiveness through Productivity and Quality” at a recent seminar in the city, said the productivity levels of Asian apparel industry, especially in Bangladesh, had been low compared to the global benchmark performance.

The “competitiveness enhancement programme” of the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA), should indeed address the issue of productivity improvement in its member factories. This is more so in view of the report about the outcome of the pilot phase of the programme, showing increased labour productivity in five factories by 30 per cent.

Some of the countries that have still limited exposure to the Bangladesh apparel industry see tremendous scope of improvement in the area of quality in the manufacturing units in this country.

There is no denying that Bangladesh’s apparel industry had large untapped potential in the areas of productivity and quality. In this context, none would contest the need for diversification of designs. The concerned businessmen do need to appreciate this more in deeds than in words and invest more to create new designs in the Bangladesh’s RMG sector.

Furthermore, industrial relations in the garment sector are of crucial important to help improve productivity of labour. As industrial relations in Bangladesh have been deteriorating, the entrepreneurs should invest more to train the workers. For this purpose, the garment owners will require to give more incentives to the workers and share profits with them.

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